The essence of the Snider Campus for Jewish Seniors, is at its core, a commitment to the principles, culture and traditions of Judaism. The warm Jewish atmosphere is felt in every department, program and element of daily life in our Home.


  • We are blessed to have our own synagogue, the Chava and Abrasha Wosk Synagogue, which provides daily, Shabbat and all holy day services. Services are led by residents and volunteers, and are open to all.
  • All Jewish holidays are observed through traditions spanning through the religious services, food served and prepared, programs and special events.
  • We are an integral and vibrant part of the Vancouver Jewish community. Our residents are pioneers of the Canadian Jewish community, and therefore serve to teach, inspire and enrich. Community members, including rabbis, cantors, layleaders, children and families play a large role in maintaining and nurturing the Jewish spirit in our Home.
  • All staff are educated and trained in Jewish laws and observances that pertain to the care of our residents.
  • We are under the supervision of the B.C. Kashrut Council, and our food is prepared with all the care and flavour of a Bubbe’s kitchen.
  • Every effort is made to pay respect to the multi-faceted ways in which Jews observe traditions and holidays in different communities and eras.

All residents are encouraged and invited to celebrate traditions in the ways that are most comforting and familiar to them. Daily minchah services, Rosh Chodesh and all holidays are observed in a traditional manner within the home.

  • Shabbat at Snider Campus for Jewish Seniors – Our Chava and Abrasha Wosk Synagogue has become a popular place for the community to bring in Shabbat. With singing from members of the Jewish Men’s Choir in our hamesh atmosphere, it is a spiritual service to attend.
  • Our Oneg Shabbat service led by a music therapist with different Rabbi, cantor or lay leader of our Jewish community each week. The spiritual service is enriched by song, prayer and teachings. It is a beautiful community supported program.
  • Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services are very popular, and deeply inspired by the powerful blasts of the Shofar, blown by our own residents and volunteers.
  • Sukkot – Residents can enjoy their meals in our Courtyard Sukkah, beautifully decorated by the local Jewish schoolchildren.
  • Simchat Torah – The shul is filled with celebration, song, dance and drink as once again, the community Jewish youth rejoice with the residents.
  • Chanukah – Many children and families celebrate with residents at our annual Chanukah Party, where we serve the “Best Latkes in Town”.
  • Tu B’Shvat – Residents enjoy a taste of Israel with fruits of Eretz Israel and traditional stories of the power and magic of trees in their country of origin.
  • Purim – Our annual Purim Party is well known for wonderful belly dancers, music and home baked hamantashen by the residents.
  • Passover – We hold five annual Passover seders, led by community members, volunteers and residents, in order to share the message of Pesach with all the residents.
  • Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Hazikaron – Special services and celebrations are held to observe these days.
  • Yom Hashoah – This day is solemnly observed in honour of the many residents and caregivers whose lives are inextricably linked to the Shoah. The memorial program includes an emotional service where residents who are Holocaust survivors share poetry, stories and prayers in commemoration of those who perished in the Shoah.